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Origin OWT-BMI stainless bimini top

Origin OWT-BMI stainless bimini top
Satinless frame
Black Arcylic canopy, Marine grade VIII, UV resist with 5 years guarantee, no fading no Deformation
Available size 79"-84"
*Please indicate the size when you place order
Market Price $399.00
Today's Price: $299.90


If you are not sure which size you need to order, please Submit Your Question before you purchase, we will make sure to send you correct model and correct size which will fit your tower, and we don't accept returns for this product.

This is a standand bimini top, if you are going to use it as a tower bimini top, please always discuss with us before you place order to check if it will fit you boat and tower.

Black Arcylic canopy,Marine grade VIII,UV resist with 5 years guarantee no fading no Deformation.
Available size  79"-84".

Attention: Please fold the bimini top when used at high speeds(>35mph).

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